June 27, 2019

New Build On Lamar St Getting Set To Go

The Board of Directors met tonight to discuss the next build to take place on Lamar Street. We are glad to announce that the foundation of the new house should be poured in the coming weeks, as long as the city approves the pending paperwork. The board anticipates that they could be building on that foundation as soon as August first. Volunteers will be needed and greatly appreciated so get your work boots out of the closet and dust off that hardhat. Keep an eye on our website and like our Facebook page (at www.facebook.com/Rockwall-Habitat-for-Humanity-461737137234199/ ) as we will be posting building dates and fundraising opportunities as soon as we can.

The Board is also looking for enthusiastic new members to fill a couple of vacant positions. We need a new Fundraising Coordinator, Administrative Manager and a Vice President. Anyone who is interested or knows anyone who would be a good fit can head over to our Contact Us page.

Finally, the Board voted to approve two new members with Jeanie Wheeler as the Treasurer of Operations and Justin Cheatham as Public Relations Coordinator.